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  • What types of signs can I get for my business?
    Each business is allowed a variety of signage options depending on the landlord and city signage codes. Examples of exterior signage options that KFL SIGNS LLC provides are: -vinyl graphics -dimensional letters -channel letters -cabinet signs -monument signs.
  • Can I create an exterior electric sign using my existing logo?
    In most cases, the short answer is yes. However, there might be certain style and size limitations as to how well a logo can be represented through an LED channel letter sign. If such an issue occurred, it will be addressed during the design phase and we would immediately make you aware of it.
  • Can you design a sign and logo for my company?
    Yes, KFL SIGNS LLC is a turn-key sign company. This means we handle the entire process of sign design, permit acquisition, fabrication, and installation. It does help if there is a general idea as to what kind of logo you are looking to implement in the design. This will help us take into account high contrast colors and font styles to create an eye-catching sign.
  • Do I need a permit for my sign?
    If the sign is a permant exterior sign than yes, you need a sign permit. This includes non-illuminated signage, banners, and storefront window vinyl.
  • How much does a sign permit cost?
    Each city charges a different price for sign permits. Additionally, the cost of the sign permit will depend on a number of factors. For one, it could depend on whether or not the sign is illuminated or non-illuminated. Another factor, it could depend on the area of the sign itself. Other factors in determining permit costs could be sign type (channel letter, monument, pole, cabinet, banner, etc.), number of signs per location, sign correction fees, or engineering review fees (if required).
  • How long does it take to get a sign permit approved?
    Just like the costs associated with sign permits, the timeframe for an approval sign permit will vary for each city. It typically ranges between one to three weeks depending on the sign project.
  • How long does it to manufacture a sign?
    Timeframes for individual sign projects vary greatly. Most channel letters consisting of one set of signs will typically take about seven days. Banners and vinyl graphics could range from four to seven days to complete. Sign projects consisting of monument or cabinet signs will have a longer timeframe and would be determined by the scope of work involved during the design phase of the process.
  • Do the signs that KFL SIGNS LLC manufacture come with any warranties?
    Yes, we offer a one year warranty on all our exterior electric signs. This will cover all LED lighting systems (LED modules, power supplies, and cables) and any issues with any craftsmanship. Restrictions apply and will be explained in the product and service agreement document.
  • How long does sign installation take?
    Depending on the number of sign sets being installed, it could take one to three days.
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